Unit Portables #01-03 Shoulder Bag

    Unit 01 is our very first Unit, a smart, reliable bag developed for one of your most precious possessions: your computer.

    Unit 01 is delivered in a package together with the two smaller pouches, Unit 02 and 03, the ultimate stuff pouches designed to carry your phone, wallet or charger. Unit 02 and 03 are attachable on the inside or outside of Unit 01 making it possible to design your bag according to your own needs - that's the beauty of Unit Portables!

Unit #01/ Shoulder Bag

Outside Measures 580 x 360mm
Computer Sleeve 13" - Inside Measures 300 x 400mm
Computer Sleeve 15" - Inside Measures 330 x 440mm
Material Polyester

Unit #02/ Accessories Pouch

Outside Measures 150 x 200mm
Material Polyester

Unit #03/ Gadget Pouch

Outside Measures 150 x 150mm
Material Polyester

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