BABA SLINGS 0-2歲五合一孭帶 standard系列


All Baba Slings have two buckles. The large side release ski-buckle is connected to two adjustment straps, to make adjusting your sling super easy. Then there is the smaller safety buckle for your peace of mind. It means you are always just two clicks away from having your baby close wherever you go!

The cushioned shoulder pad ensures your comfort as you wear your ever-growing baby. The top and bottom railings of the Baba Sling are padded to make it extra snuggly. A pocket on the front of your sling comes in handy as you go about your day with your bub and want to keep a track of those precious bits and bobs.


品牌源自1999,構思來自最傳統的嬰兒孭帶,經長時間研發及不斷改良,Baba slings簡單的設計是父母及寶寶不可或缺的外出好幫手!操作簡單,舒適度一流!給寶寶提供更好的安全感,

  • 每條Baba Slings都附有雙帶扣,其中一邊安全扣連接著雙重調教帶,調教孭帶方便容易!
  • 隨手一按,即時將寶貝安全地貼近心口!方便易用!
  • 輕巧透薄,無論父母或寶寶都舒適零壓力!
  • 迅速著上及除下,連熟睡中的寶寶也不會被驚醒!
  • 五種使用方式,在寶寶成長期的不同階段都能確保保護到他們每個發育中的身體關節!
  • 孭帶能緊緊包裹著嬰兒,即使外出中都無需擔心,媽媽隨時隨地可方便哺乳。
  • 寶寶的體重將均勻分佈在孭帶上,不會對他們正在發展的臀部及脊椎帶來太大的壓力!
  • 2cm膊頭墊減輕父母上半身壓力,在寶寶成長期也能確保外出攜帶寶貝的舒適度!
  • 方便調節大小長度,父母共用的孭帶首選
  • 孭帶外附有小口袋,方便媽媽存取小物件!


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