Suntec Technology was founded in 2009 by experienced marketers and I.T experts who are passionate in bridging technology beautifully into our lifestyles. We specialize in providing personable, customized and excellent after-sales service, as well as highly-targeted brand marketing. Since the beginning of our journey, our team has always aimed to select and bring in only the highest quality products to the Hong Kong and Macau market.


A great design is nothing without durability. Especially for technological-related goods, aesthetics have to be paired with the best technical specifications. Our focus is always on balancing quality with the finer design details. All of our products are hand-picked by a team of who obsess over every detail. We do not add to our collection what we wouldn't use ourselves. Our continuous search for the finest products has led us to 4 excellent brands from around the world. We believe the only way to satisfy each individual's need, is by providing only the highest quality products.


Every day, we are working hard to provide a more diverse range of great products for the rapidly growing demands of the Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Taiwan market. Like the products we love, we prefer to be unique, colourful, to push boundaries and to challenge conventions. With a bird's eye view over the Hong Kong skyline, at Suntec, we spend time seeking out the best products, engaging with brands and designers, so we can deliver the finer designs to your hands.

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Welcome to our fashionable digital corner. Here, you can discover the best gadgets and accessories, oozing style and fine taste. We carefully source only the hippest and most iconic products, so you can keep up to date with the latest trends and establish your very own style.

Our product line is delicately selected from quality brands around the world, and our goods are always made of quality and durable materials, to ensure you they will last you through the stormiest weather.

We are taste makers that blend fashion, music, electronic and mobile accessories into our everyday lives. With us, you can go "cat-walking" with the finest gadgets in the most impeccable style.


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